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These conditions rule over the use of internet users of this webpage managed by SOMBRAHATS, from now onwards SOMBRAHATS.COM. Should you not agree with these legal conditions, you need to log off the web.

The user will use the web, services and contents in a responsible and legal way, and will abstain from:

- Not respecting the copyright and other identity rights of the web owners and managers found in the web´s contents, same as any technical information

- Introducing programs, virus, macros or any other logistic asset or character sequence that may cause any alteration on the web or any of the systems it operates with.


 - To use or install programs or apps that could affect the controls or security passwords established by SOMBRAHATS.COM, being also forbidden to open passwords, systems, algorithms, or any other security element from the web or any of it´s users.


- Make any copies or screenshots of the web screens, without previous authorization by SOMBRAHATS.COM

- Make copies of the webpage or Font codes without authorization by SOMBRAHATS.COM

-Do anything against the law or good faith.


Responsibility Waver

SOMBRAHATS.COM is not responsible for any losses or problems caused to the user by any virus or abnormality generated by the web. SOMBRAHATS.COM has taken all precautions for security according to techniques available up to date, to guaranty the proper functionality of the webpage and avoid any inconvenience to the user.


Users registration

The Access and usage of specific web sections request user registration. Under 18 years old users are not allowed. SOMBRAHATS.COM has the right to verify the information provided by the user. Once registered in our web, will be authorized to modify, or cancel your user information.

SOMBRAHATS.COM informs the user that registration requests may be rejected if considered they might in some way fall into fraud, rules vulnerability or third party rights. SOMBRAHATS.COM can cancel any subscription if the user would go against the legal rules and warnings of the webpage.

Users are responsible for any actions made on their behalf with their username or account. The user is responsible for the usage and confidentiality of his password. Should there be any doubt that your password security in threatened, you will need to change immediately.



SOMBRAHATS.COM denies any responsibility for the services and/or information provided in any web linked to ours. SOMBRAHATS.COM does not have any power or control on the linked webs. Users that may access these webs will need to check their legal disclaimers.


Intellectual property

The texts, images, logos, isologos, sounds, animations, videos, Font codes, and any other contents included in this web are property of SOMBRAHATS.COM, or has if that is the case, permit to use it.

The users of this webpage will be allowed to use contents from this web only for personal use. Any other copy, distribution, reproduction, total or partially of the contents in this web is completely forbidden unless specific authorization by SOMBRAHATS.COM

 Legislation and Jurisdiction

This webpage is under the Spanish law, and should there be any litigation, both parts will be under the jurisdiction of the city of Estepona (Malaga). This is not applicable for those litigations with web users that become customers, as in this case they will fall under the legislation of the court house and tribunal of the customer´s residence.



This legal disclaimer is dated 10/07/2015 and any modification of its terms will be published on the web.