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SombraHats, Panama Hats 100% Made in Ecuador.

Sombra Hats is a family business. We are direct importers of original Panama Hats. We exclusively sell Panama Hats. In spite of so many options in the market now days, with massive productions, we believe handcraft is still appreciated. We love when clients realize the value of such a detailed and complicated art, that from one generation of artisans to the next one, transforms the leafs of a plant into something so elegant, delicate and valuable like a Panama Hat.

All our hats are handwoven in Ecuador, where they are also pressed and shaped. In our journeys we select the styles and qualities and here in Spain we give them the last touch with different bands, which make our Panama Hats unique.

We are based at the Costa del Sol, south of Spain, a privileged area where we have the opportunity of meeting clients from all around the world, from who we can sense the styles people like the most and latest street styles.

We normally do pop up stores, markets and other special events around Spain. From Marbella we send hats all around the world through our online shop and our whole sale clients.

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