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Classic Panama Pewter Leather Band

Classic Panama Hat grade 2/3 with metallic look leather band

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95,00 €

  • Classic white or beige Panama hat with leather metal look in pewter color. The leather band has been treated to make it thiner, and keep the hat light and fresh. The hat´s brim width depends on the hat´s size, and goes between 4,5 and 5,5cm, although as it is handmade, it may vary. 
    The metallic look leather band gives this classic hat a very trendy look. 

  • Size Guide. What is my size?

    To know your size you need to measure around your head, one finger, or one centimeter, above your ears. Make sure you are measuring straight. This is your European hat size. Keep in mind that Summer hats need to be wear between one and two fingers above your ears. There are only a couple of exceptions that we wear lower, but your Panama should never cover your ears.

    We use American sizes: S, M, L, XL. On the chart below you can do the conversion. We suggest you specify in notes your centimeter size when you place your order.

    Guia Tallas Sombreros Panamá

    We recommend you don´t use the size you might have in hats from another brand. Always better to send us the centimeters. We will include in your order a special band to use in case you need to make the hat a little smaller.

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